Best Books to Read Before Traveling to South Africa

South Africa seems to have it all. It has beautiful national parks, a vibrant mash of cultures, a dark history, and increasingly trendy cuisines. It also sports a hefty cost to get there. If you're still saving up for your own trip to South Africa, give these books a chance to transport you there. 

A History of South Africa by Frank Welsh. There is no doubt that South Africa has a turbulent and recent dark past. This book focuses on several pivotal events in the history of the country and debunks many of the misconceptions that many have about the country. 

Wines of the New South Africa by Tim James. If the vineyards in Cape Town are on your must-see list for South Africa, look no further than this beautiful book to educate you. It's rich in history and discusses all of the unique wine regions in the country. 

Jock of the Bushveld by Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick. This is a much loved children's classic that can be enjoyed by all ages. It follows the life of a boy and his faithful pup sidekick during the South African Gold Rush. 

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. This list just simply wouldn't be complete without Mandela's important autobiography. The book spans his early life, education and extensive time in prison. 

The Cape Town Book by Nechama Brodie. If the history of South Africa's first city is of interest to you, look no further. The book traces the origins and expansion of this trendy city, stunning landscape, and multiethnic people. 

A South African Eden by James Stevenson-Hamilton. This book is about Kruger National Park and its miraculous survival. You see, the national park was actually founded by a big game hunter who hoped to plunder the South African herds. Thankfully, a stubborn Scottish officer stepped in. This is his story. 

Best Books to Read Before Traveling to South Africa