About Pages to Passport

Welcome to Pages to Passport, a destination for armchair travelers and nomadic bookworms alike.

Pages to Passport was created by Allyson Dobberteen. In 2018, she said goodbye to my traditional life in Los Angeles and boarded a one-way flight in search of an adventure worthy of the greatest adventure novel or travel memoir. She found it.

Now, she creates travel book lists for every destination. She shares travel tips and tips for bringing travel experiences home. She also writes destination dispatches, otherwise known as travel guides, that transport readers around the globe. 

More about Allyson

Allyson Dobberteen is an adventurous 29-year-old traveler with a total commitment with reading the right travel book at the right time. After growing up in Michigan, she lived in various cities in the United States before going global.

How did you start traveling long term?

After pinching pennies for a while, Allyson spent a year and a half traveling around the world. She started where most long-term travelers do, as a backpacker moving through Europe on a shoestring budget. She sailed through Greece via work exchange, learned to love hostels even as introvert, and walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

With a new year brought a new hemisphere. Allyson moved to New Zealand to live and work as an au pair. While there, she also visited Australia (twice!) and a few countries in Asia and the South Pacific.

With an opportunity to sail again, this time in Turkey, Allyson jumped on the chance and (a few) very long flights. She explored Turkey by boat and by hot air balloon, before traveling through the Balkans.

Working as a freelance writer for sites like Worldpackers and Dame Traveler, she lived as a digital nomad in Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

She returned to two of her favorite countries, Spain and Italy, before deciding to head home for good. Before traveling long-term, Allyson also traveled to France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, England, Belgium and the Netherlands on shorter trips. She has also traveled to dozens of states in her own country, thanks to a family who love to road trip as much as she does. 

What about now?

Allyson currently lives in West Michigan where she keeps her traveling spirit alive by reading plenty of travel books, cooking recipes from faraway places, and writing about her travel experiences.

What is the Pages to Passport policy on affiliate links?

In many posts, including this one, Pages to Passport uses affiliate links when possible. That means that, at no additional cost to you, Pages to Passport earns a small commission if you click through and purchase something. Thanks for your support! 

Can I work with Pages to Passport?

Let’s chat. Get in touch with me at pagestopassport[at]gmail[dot]com to reach me about sponsorship opportunities, partnerships or guest posts.