About ME


Hello, my name is Allyson. 

Pages to Passport is a passion project that combines two of my favorite things, books and travel. Like most of you (hi guys!), I have a regular ol' j-o-b that keeps me from traveling long term. Instead, I travel through the pages of books on the daily and travel in real life as much as possible. They say that "the world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page." I say, reading a page is a wonderful alternative when traveling isn't in the cards for you right now.

Tell me more about yourself. I'm a 20-something Michigan native currently living and working in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. By day, I work as a marketing manager for a hair care company. 

What kind of a traveler are you? Take a second and go read the Pages to Passport Travel Manifesto. That should give you a good idea of my style! 

Where did you get the idea for Pages to Passport? I love books that transport me the places I'm going, the places I've been, and the places still on my travel bucket list. After scouring the web for "what to read before you visit..." lists to no avail, I created Pages to Passport to help both armchair travelers and nomadic bookworms alike discover what to read next. 

Where have you traveled? Lately, I've taken every vacation day my company allows to travel both in the US and internationally. I've been to France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands in the last 4 years. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have parents who prioritized travel and encouraged reading. We traveled all over the United States to visit as many national parks as possible. I have fond memories of attempting to pack the entire Harry Potter series for a road trip to South Carolina, and vivid memories of reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books in the back of the minivan driving through Indiana corn fields.

Where can I get more of Pages to Passport? Follow @pagestopassport on Instagram for daily glimpses of reading and travel magic. Of course, you can also get in touch by email at pagestopassport(at)gmail(dot)com. 

How can I work with Pages to Passport? Please email me at pagestopassport(at)gmail(dot)com. While I am very selective of who and how I partner with brands and destinations, I will give due consideration to all opportunities.