Best Slovenia Books: Books That Take You to the ‘Country of Castles’


Slovenia feels like an undiscovered fairytale of a country. While there are still relatively few books set in Slovenia that have been translated to English, this short list of Slovenia books will transport you to this dream of a country.

For a country you can literally drive across in an afternoon, Slovenia packs a punch. I was lucky enough to spend a week in the capital city of Ljubljana, reading Slovenia books in charming coffee shops and wandering through the so-called “City of Dragons." Then, I explored the fairytale forest around Lake Bled and lounged on the banks of Lake Bohinj.

For more about what it was like to solo travel in Slovenia, read my destination dispatches from Ljubljana and Lake Bled.

Without further ado, here are the best books set in Slovenia.

Books Set in Slovenia

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Slovenology is part memoir, part essay collection, and part guidebook. In other words, its my dream book. I discovered this book in a coffee shop in Ljubljana. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Kindle form online.

This novel set between the first and second world war is a love song to Slovenia and its people. It feels like an family epic in a shortened form (thank you, ma’am).

This love story is anything but typical. It follows the author as she migrates from New York City to Slovenia and adapts to life there during the 10 days war and the following Yugoslavian wars. A great read to get a better understanding of Slovenian history.

The small country of Slovenia has been home to many different people with many different stories. This book is a succinct way to educate yourself on them before you go.

I’d read the phone book written by Coehlo after reading The Alchemist. This is a redemption story, but the title alone makes it a depressing pick for a book to bring on vacation.

This travel memoir follows Roy and Justi as they leave their Scottish roots for an adventure in Slovenia. With a shoestring budget and a border collie, they learn to embrace the ups and downs of life in Slovenia’s Julian Alps.

Best Modern Fairy Tales That Feel Like Slovenia

As great books set in Slovenia and written in English are still few and far between, I thought I would also recommend some modern fairytales that would pair perfectly with darkly dreamy Slovenian vistas.

This inky series is action-packed and hard to put down. Start it on a road trip through Slovenia and you’ll have a hard time putting it down when you reach your destination.

This story will weave a spell over anyone who decides to spiral into this subtle and dark world.

These are classics in modern fairytale circles. Pullman’s detailed and complex world is captivating enough for adults and children alike.

A princess who longs for an ordinary life and an ordinary teen longing to be a princess meet at a boarding school. I’m sure you can imagine the rest, but let Connie Glynn imagine it for you.

A bonus recommendation for the movie watchers, some scenes in the Narnia movies were filmed in the Soca valley of Slovenia. Give it a watch on the flight if you want to get in the mood for a Slovenian adventure.

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