Where in the World Wednesday: Los Angeles Edition


Welcome to the first installment of an ongoing series here on Pages to Passport, Where in the World Wednesday.

Every Wednesday, I share where in the world I am, what I’m doing there, where I’m planning to go next, my general thoughts on the latest week of travel, and what I’m currently reading.

Where in the World Wednesday: Los Angeles Edition

Where in the world are you?

For the last week, I’m in Los Angeles.

What are you doing there?

Saying goodbye to my life here in Hermosa Beach. Movers are coming to transport a few treasured pieces to my parents’ house tomorrow. Thanks Mom and Dad! I’m spending the day up to my ears in packing tape, selling any remaining furniture, and making a few trips to the local donation center.

In between all of the madness, I’m enjoying a few of the little things that I’ve loved about living here in LA. Namely, good coffee with good friends, craft breweries, sushi and long walks by the beach at sunset.

What are you currently reading?

I just finished Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, which was on my list of Books I’m Reading to Prepare for Long-Term Travel.

I’ve donated most of my books already so it’s slim pickings for next book picks. I did hold back Circe by Madeline Miller to get me through the next six days before I board my flight to London and help me brush up on my Greek mythology before my sailing stint.

While I travel, it will be all Kindle all the time to save weight and space in my backpack. I’m surprisingly looking forward to going completely digital.

What are you thinking about these days?

How lucky I am. I’m lucky to be able to step on a flight next week and start a long-term journey. I’m lucky to have a Dad whose willing (and excited somehow) to drive my car cross-country for me. I’m lucky to have friends who tearfully toast their “goodbyes for now” to me. I’m lucky to have a sister who is dropping everything to travel with my for the first two weeks of my trip. I’m lucky to be leaving my job without burning bridges. Just lucky.

Where are you going to next?

My next Where in the World Wednesday will be coming to you from London, England.

London might seem like an odd choice for the place to start my long-term journey. After all, I’ve been there before and it’s notoriously expensive even for budget backpackers. When you find a a $300 direct flight that happens to coincide with the last week of Wimbledon (a bucket list experience for me), you jump on the opportunity.

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Where in the world are you this Wednesday?



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