How to Pass the Time While Saving for a Big Trip


You’ve set your sights on a goal that many only dream of and some can’t even imagine. Like me, you are taking an extended break from the life you currently lead to travel long-term. You are pinching every penny, banning every shopping trip, and determined to venture off on a round-the-world trip. The problem? Your ticket to freedom doesn’t leave for another six months. How are you going to pass the time before a big trip?

Life happens regardless of what we have planned for the future. For those of us with long-term travel goals and a start date in mind, it can also feel like a no man’s land. We’re caught between the life that we’re leaving and the one that we’re leaving it for.

I’ve created a list of activities to make this in-between time meaningful, memorable and even a little bit productive. To be clear, this isn’t a list of things you should be doing before the trip but rather a list of things that will help you pass the time in an enjoyable way.

Here’s how I’ve been spending my time. How do you pass the time before a big trip?

How to Pass the Time While Saving For a Big Trip Round-the-World Trip RTW Trip Tips for Dealing with Wanderlust and Waiting to Travel

Make Dream Lists on Airbnb

The saved list feature on Airbnb has been my happy place these days. I love daydreaming of kitchens I might cook in or balconies I might drink wine on.

Go to the Library

If you can’t go, read. Find books set in locations you hope to travel to and immerse yourself in armchair adventure. This list of best travel books is a great place to start.

Track Your Savings (in a Fun Way)

Shout out to my bullet journal friends for this one. I used to view spending as such a negative that I didn’t celebrate the savings enough. Now, I create a journal page of boxes to fill in for every $100 put into savings. Never underestimate the motivation of being able to color in another empty box y’all.

Take Long Walks

Walking is free and healthy. Inspiration comes to me so quickly on long walks too. Bonus: If you’re planning on walking a lot of old European towns or hiking on your trip at all, you can consider it training!

Make a Donate Sell Store Pack List

Take inventory of your belongings and start the process of dwindling them down to a suitcase or two. If you have a game plan to follow, the actual act of clearing the clutter will come a bit easier.

Test Your Packing List

You’ve created a packing list and have started to gather your gear. Spend a rainy Saturday testing if your list is realistic for you to carry. Then, cut the list down even more.

Visit Family

Your family and friends may not fully understand your hair brained adventure. Even if they do, I guarantee that they’re worried about missing you as you globe trot. Soak up all of the time you’ve got together before you have to get Skype involved.

Learn About Mileage Programs

Make your travel last longer by accruing airline miles. I’m no credit card or points expert, but use this time to read up and (if right for you) start building a cache for yourself. While it might seems counterintuitive to think about credit cards when you’re saving money, it’s a productive way to pass the time before a big trip.

Count Yourself Lucky

Very few people have the means and courage to do what we’re about to do. Remember to count your blessings. Some people will never have the chance to pass the time before a big trip. We’re the lucky ones.



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