The Year of Reading More and Spending Less


This new year feels a little different than most. I typically start the new year with a fresh mindset and motivation beyond measure. I make plans. I print schedules. I generally follow through pretty well too! This New Years Day though, I flew back to LA with a laundry list of wishy-washy goals (think “read more” and “try harder”) without a plan in sight. I gave myself a grace week and spent some time mulling things over.

I landed on a few categories to focus on. The first (shocker) is my reading life. I’m taking a machete to it and making the most of every book read. The second (shocker x2) is my travel life.

Reading Goals


I’ve recently discovered the joy that is the #bookstagram community and my eyes have been opened to the world of reading challenges. I love the simple idea of tackling a book a week. No more dry spells!


I’m also going to armchair travel for a while, starting with reading a book set in each continent on the globe. I’m hoping this helps me diversify my reading life.


Between monthly library sales, a book of the month club subscription, and books being my favorite “treat yourself” purchase, I own a large stack of books that I have yet to read. While books are fantastic home decor, I’d like to put them to better use this year.

Follow along at @pagestopassport if you want to see how I’m carving out my own corner of the bookish community!

Travel Goals

Is “embark on long term travel” good enough for you? Me too.

The first six months of my year will be all about preparing, saving and planning. It’s the prelude. My prelude includes a shopping ban, a minimalism challenge, and remembering to appreciate the small victories along the way.

What are your reading and travel goals for the year ahead?



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