What to Read Before a Trip to Morocco


Morocco is many traveler’s introduction into Africa. I’ve always been fascinated by its beauty, colorful tiles, and unique architecture. The country comes alive in the pages of books too, so much so that I was inspired to write a short list of the best books to read about Morocco.

Have you been? What books have you read that remind you of Morocco? These are the ones I turn to if I want to travel there without jumping on the next plane to Marrakesh.

Best Books to Read About Morocco Before You Travel There

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A House in Fez: Building a Life in the Ancient Heart of Morocco by Susannah Clarke

In a similar vein of “Under the Tuscan Sun”, our author visits Morocco and dreams of renovating a riad (a traditional moroccan home and courtyard). It’s a lighthearted and amusing account of her trials and tribulations.

Marrakesh by Design by Maryem Montague

A beautiful coffee table book in and of itself, but also a great guide for buying moroccan souvenirs while you’re exploring.

In Morocco by Edith Wharton

A classic, first published in 1920. It’s a highly evocative depiction of the atmosphere you’ll feel in Morocco.

The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco by Richard Hamilton

Hamilton studied the rich storytelling tradition in Morocco. Determined to preserve the art, he’s compiled a collection of folk tales and fables that have been passed down for generations and generations.

A Year in Marrakesh by Peter Mayne

Mayne captures the very essence of the country in this anti-travel book. He settles in the maze of back streets, buys a house, learns the language and makes friends. In short, he lives like a local. Readers get that chance by reading his work.



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