Pages to Passport: The Prelude


Hello internet people! Welcome to Pages to Passport, a blog for armchair travelers and nomadic bookworms alike. Thank you for stopping by this little corner of the internet!

Chances are that you’ve found yourself here after wondering “What should I read before I travel to…” just like I did once upon a time. Pages to Passport exists to answer that question, for any locale on your travel bucket list.

I fell in love with creating location-based reading lists for myself before my first trip abroad to Paris, France. I read Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast on a balcony in an apartment in Le Marais neighborhood and it made my experience in the city a richer and deeper one. When I want to be transported back to Paris (without the hefty cost of a plane ticket), I turn to my Paris list to take me there. Don’t you find that books have a magical power to carry us away from our daily lives? I certainly do.

I hope that you may also be able to travel more richly or deeply because of the resources available on Pages to Passport, even if it’s from the comfort of your own living room. Happy reading and happy travels!



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